Author’s Notes: Read Chapter 3 before you continue. Drug/Alcohol/Violence warning as before.


It was a warm summer evening in 1903.

Our last assignment together was simple enough: break into the governor’s mansion and secure certain classified documents that would provide leverage against the politician should he ever consider trying to crack down on crime. The first warning sign came when Mondo started talking to me before we arrived at the mansion. Usually, we wouldn’t have said a word until the job was done.

“Why do I get the feeling that I don’t have your full, undivided attention this evening Javy?”

”You’ve got enough of my attention for this job.”

”No need to sound so bitter about it, just making sure your head is in the right place, that’s all. You’ve been a bit spacey lately.”

”Yeah, well let’s just say I’m considering what I’m going to do after I retire from this line of work.”

”Oh? I just assumed you were going to go back to being a dirt covered farmer.”

”Actually, I was thinking of taking up the guitar.”

We both chuckled a bit and then the subject was dropped. We knew we could gain access to the mansion through the back gate of the garden, once perimeter security was taken care of. That was my job, and Mondo would be in charge of extracting the appropriate information once we were inside. He gave me a boost to help me slip over the garden wall and I quickly dispatched the five man security detail the governor had hired.

When I went back to the gate to unlock it for Mondo though, it all went to hell. Instead of my partner standing on the other side of the gate, were a platoon of police, sheriffs and bounty hunters, all ready to take me in. I tried in vain to escape, looking desperately for any sign of Mondo, any inkling of a getaway route he may have cleared, but I was effectively surrounded. I spent the next 20 years behind bars.


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