Designed for RMCAD’s 2011 performance of David Ive’s “All in the Timing,” a collection of six comedic One Act plays, in which I also performed the roles of Leon Trotsky, Philip Glass, and Prof. Don Finninneganegan.¬†

Poster 1 – Words, Words, Words

A brief glimpse into the life of three chimps who have been set in a room with typewriters and tasked with writing Shakespeare.



 Poster 2 РThe Universal Language

Don is running a scam teaching a fake language. Dawn just answered Don’s classified ad for said scam. Romance ensues!



Poster 3 – Sure Thing

A young couple has a chance meeting and it’s love at first sight, goes better than expected, couldn’t be more of a disaster! The two try to navigate their way to a happy ending with a bell on the table that changes their partner every time it’s rung.