Happy New Year!

2018 is already here! I realize I am in fact a few days late to the official “New Year” party, but since its still fresh, I’m going to count it. The new year is of course a great opportunity to make fresh starts, as is the case here with my website.

After languishing in isolation, I have returned to my site with a renewed purpose (to update, and keep this site more as my own personal record/archive of my creative endeavors) and a desire to get back into good habits of content creation. To that end, I am revamping many aspects of the site, updating much of the content on pages that are staying, and reworking much of the content for existing projects (if they end up staying).

As I’ve explained in other sections of the site, I am aiming to make this site a living archive of my creative endeavors thus far, and to try and keep a better track of my own creative process and to take a more introspective look at my body of work. I feel odd writing that too, because talking about one’s “body of work” feels very egotistical, but rest assured, I think very poorly of my own work – I’m not trying to toot my own horn. In fact, part of this is to try and help myself come to be more accepting of all the stuff I’ve made.

I will try to be staying consistent with updates (even when I’m not happy with them) and will be pushing to try and beef up areas of my creative portfolio that I feel I have been neglecting since basically high school (which was 10 years ago now for me and that’s scary). For now, I’m sure I’ve rambled enough, and efficient editing will also be part of my challenge going forward. I will be writing more about 2017 and yearly recap type things in the days to come, and let you know how I come along with updating the full archives of my stuff.