Hi, I’m Nick.

You’ve found my website! Hope you’re enjoying your stay. Can I take your coat, maybe get you something to drink?

About the Site

Now that you’re comfy, let me give you a quick tour. First things first, this is more of a sketchbook/scrapbook/journal than a proper portfolio. Check out Tiny Media Co if you want to see my (slightly?) more professional side.

If you’re still here, thanks! I’ve tried to organize things by format/medium – partly based on the work I’ve already done and partly to inspire me to do more of certain kinds of projects that I haven’t done in a while, like writing and video. I want to document more of my process for each project, from sketches and rejected concepts to inspirations and lessons learned.

I want to get into better habits about more consistently making things, so my freshest new content will always be here, with the cleanest finished versions of stuff popping up on other places around the internet (hopefully). This site will also serve as a partial archive of my various creative endeavors throughout my life, because I just can’t seem to stop, so I need somewhere to put everything.

Biographical Details

I was born in 1988, which definitely makes me a 90s kid, and I’m pretty certain makes me a Millennial, but I’m still never sure. I live in Denver, Colorado, which is where I was born. I went to Catholic school growing up because my family prioritized my education, and I did pretty well academically, but always tended to excel at anything artistic or creative.

I went to art school (Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design) and graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design in 2012. Since then I’ve had a chance to work in a variety of design roles including front end web design, print catalog concept and layout, social media marketing, and security packaging design.

Today I am a “freelance designer” by title, but am working on revitalizing some of the creative interests I had before college, before getting so locked into “design”. I want to get back into drawing comics, doing more writing, and getting back into video/animated storytelling.