Hey, I’m Nick.

I am a graphic designer/type designer/lettering-er and Denver native. I am the Founder and Type Designer of Denver Type Foundry, my passion project (in progress). When I’m not building my own digital type foundry from scratch, you can probably find me in the kitchen working on my cooking and baking skills, or else I’m watching the Broncos, Avs, or Rockies. If you still haven’t found me, and you’ve checked all those places, then I’m almost certainly nerding out on video games — RPGs and Strategy games are right up my alley.

If you’d like a more in-depth look into my psyche and the stuff I like (I haven’t even mentioned my obsession with the Red Hot Chili Peppers yet!) then you can check out my Twitter and Tumblr.

If it’s more of my work you’d like to see, then I suggest checking out this Instagram, and maybe even my Behance.

And if you like, you can check out my resume.