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Welcome to my slice of internet.

It's not much, but take a look at what I do - most of it will either involve typography/design, jokes and other comedic pursuits, or else idealistic world dominat-er...improvement ideas.
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10 Days in Review, Dec. 16-26

Well the big milestone for the month has come and gone. There was a lot of buildup, preparations had to be made, cleaning to be done, and baked goods to be baked.

2013-12-24 18.53.34

Biscotti, Bouchons, Ginger cookies and Biscochitos. Yeah, you’re jealous.

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I, The Scribe & The Mighty Whale


I’m still wrestling with the importance of stories, like in general to our species. Plenty of creative types will tell you about how stories are the peak achievement and chief endeavor of our mighty civilizations, and there certainly is something to the notion that we all love a good story.¬† Read more…

The Week in Review: Dec. 9-15

Long week. Lots of back and forth driving and visits to hospitals. KitchenAid has received it’s first upgrade, an ice cream making attachment. I am happy to report Cookies n Cream experimental batch 1 was a smashing success.


Patient continues to push physical boundaries beyond reasonable limits – most likely in response to prolonged lulls brought on by painkillers as well as extended timeframe of recent inactivity. Must reinforce the notion of healing process. Increase in upstairs presence may be required to keep patient under proper surveillance and ensure recommendations are enacted.

Looking at the week ahead…

Jeez are we already that close to Christmas? I better get baking soon. The KitchenAid should help smooth that process out a bit, as will not waiting for a day when I’ll have evening obligations to look forward to after finishing a long day in the kitchen. Otherwise, Bruised Banana‘s migration back to WordPress shouldn’t be too troublesome, and otherwise I am not setting myself a schedule, but do have some assorted tasks to work on.

Paintball with Robert Irvine


No I don’t know what my infatuation with British chefs is.

Apparently two hours of the frightening British turtle man right before bed was enough to put him in my subconscious last night. Read more…

A Clean Slate


image courtesy of Solano Photography

The last year and a half or so has been quite the up and down adventure, being a real grown up out in the real world.¬†Short spurts of employment, different housing situations, and a health issue or two have certainly been keeping me on my toes, but I must admit that both the quality and quantity of my creative work has suffered over this period. Read more…